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  Paul J. Zak Paul J. Zak
  Paul J. Zak Paul J. Zak



Moral Markets: The Critical Role of Values in the Economy
By Paul J. Zak

First Paragraph:
Just as nature is "red in tooth and claw," so is market exchange. All market participants--from business owners and managers to their employees to the grandmother shopping at her local grocery store--must eke out every possible efficiency or be crushed by the capitalist machine . . . or perhaps not. This book hopes to convince readers that both Alfred Tennyson's characterization of competition in nature, quoted above, and an uncritical reading about selfish competition in markets in Adam Smith's An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations are not so much wrong as incomplete and, in the view of the contributors to this volume, woefully so.

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Date   Source   Title   Click Player to hear full Broadcast
October 1, 2013   nyas-logo   Greed: Hormones and Moral Behavior  
July 18, 2013   bbc frontiers-logo   BBC Frontiers Interview  
June 6, 2013   Greatist-logo   Finding the Moral Molecule with Dr. Paul Zak  
April 3, 2012   mprNewsLogo   Ask a neuroscientist: Mapping the human brain  
November 26, 2012   mprNewsLogo   Ask a Neuroscientist: Sleeping and functioning skills  
February 20, 2012   Dx-logo   Paul Zak on "Drucker on the Dial"  
February 4, 2012   marketplace-logo   New research suggests link between genetics, Wall Street Success  
December 6, 2010   RadioBlahBlah   Oxytocin and Relationships  
October 13, 2010   MinnesotaPublicRadio_logo   The Science of Trust  
October 6, 2010   insanaquotientpodcast   Neuroeconomics and Trading Decisions  
July 28, 2010   Trust-Across-America-Logo   Integrity and the Neuroeconomics of Trust  
July 28, 2010   four_cast_logo   Goodbye To Our Bodies  
July 28, 2010   twit_logo   She Backed Me Up With Science  
May 1, 2010   alt   Who do you trust?  
Apr 22, 2010   alt   When the 'Trust Hormone' Is Out of Balance  
Feb 14, 2010     Men's Dugout on Valentines day  
July 9, 2009     Speaking of Faith - The Science of Trust: Economics and Virtue  
May 26, 2009   Federal News Radio   Futuristic Applications Urged for Combat Survivability  
Feb. 23, 2009   WHYY Radio   How Does Behavior Effect the Economy  
Feb. 12, 2009   WAOR 95.3   Valentine's Day advice from the Oxytocin Doctor.  
Feb. 11, 2009   NeuroScene   The Psychology of the Con  
Nov. 21, 2008   WNYC New York Public Radio   The Brian Lehrer Show: Neuroscience of Cons  
Sep. 19, 2008   Mind, Brain & Body   Trust, Morality and Happiness  
June 23, 2008   Counterpoint   Trust and the Economy    
Sep. 25, 2007   Hug the Monkey   Hug the Monkey Interview  
July 27, 2007   NeuroScene   Oxytocin: The Science and Economics of Trust-Podcast  
Mar. 03, 2007       The Ruth Show - MN Talk Radio interview with Dr. Zak on "Oxytocin and Trust"  
June 06, 2003   The Todd Mundt Show   Todd Mundt Show interview with Dr. Zak on "Oxytocin and Trust"  


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October 2, 2013   Reddit-logo   Q&A with Reddit AMA
October 8, 2013   cbs-sacramento   Could the Government Shut Down Lead to Brain Damage?
October 2, 2013   HRZone   The Neuroscience of Trust and how it can Improve your Engagement
September 27, 2013   us-news   Aging May Not Dull Decision-Making Skills, Study Finds
September 27, 2013   cbs-sacramento   Study: Aging May Not Dull Decision Making Skills
September 27, 2013   us-news   Aging May Not Dull Decision-Making Skills, Study Finds
September 8, 2013   news-press-logo   Dance as scientific experiment
July 25, 2013   insider-monkey-logo   Is Facebook Inc (FB) Really Your Friend?
July 9, 2013   latimes-logo   Why greed may offer an evolutionary advantage
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June 7, 2013   mysa-logo   The key to life?
June 4, 2013   The-Guardian-Logo   The Moral Molecule: How oxytocin can revolutionise your organisation
May 29, 2013   interest-logo   Blame your brain for your lack of savings
May 24, 2013   washingtontimes-logo   GHEI: The price of eroding trust
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April 21, 2013   the-good-life-logo   5 Ways Cuddling Makes Us Healthier
April 13, 2013   financial-post_logo   7 stock picking behaviors you should avoid
April 9, 2013   westfalenpost_logo   Gewalt? Darüber müssen wir reden!
April 8, 2013   waz_logo   Im Fegefeuer neurologischer Theorien
April 8, 2013   dorstener_zeitung_logo   "Clockwork Orange" als Spektakel zur Hirn- und Gewaltforschung
April 6, 2013   Tendencias   Cómo somos cuando compramos
April 3, 2013   hormones-matter-logo   Oxytocin impacts our response to advertisements
March 27, 2013   cnn-logo   Why God doesn't go away
March 21, 2013   fitango-logo   The Surprising Reason We Like Sad Movies
March 15, 2013   yahoo-shine-logo   Yes! 5 Ways Sex Makes You Happier & Healthier
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March 6, 2013   washingtons-blog   The Government Has It Bass-Ackwards: Failing To Prosecute Criminal Fraud by the Big Banks Is Killing - NOT Saving - the Economy
March 1, 2013   huff-post   Tech's Best Feature: The Off Switch
February 25, 2013   business-insider-logo   The Sexiest Scientists Alive!
February 25, 2013  


  Meet Paul Zak, the neuroscientist who was nicknamed "Dr. Love"
February 19, 2013   SmartBlogOnEducation-logo   Helping kids manage digital feedback
February 14, 2013   reason-tv-1   Happy Valentine's Day! Reason TV's Top 10 Videos on Love, Sex, and Much More!
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January 13, 2013   korea_economic_daily-logo   Korean: Altruism and social trust
January 13, 2013  


  Korean: Oxytocin increases economic confidence
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December 24, 2012   cnniReport   Rekindle the Joy
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December 23, 2012   msn-estadao-logo   Gestão: medo ou cooperação
December 22, 2012   washingtons-blog   The Lie that Prosecuting Bank Fraud Will Destabilize the Economy Is What Is REALLY Destroying the Economy
December 21, 2012   forbes_logo_100   Coupons: Better Than Kissing
December 17, 2012   cbs-news-logo   Does the brain contain a "moral molecule"?
December 17, 2012   livescience-logo   Naughty or Nice? A Brain Chemical May Tell
December 12, 2012   dana-foundation-logo   Ebenezer Scrooge and the Missing Oxytocin
December 12, 2012   us-news   Can Nature Nurture the Mind as Well as the Soul?
November 30, 2012   TEDx-Amsterdam   Paul Zak in the garden of good and evil
November 28, 2012   ING-Ondernemersupport-logo   De magie van TED: innovatie door inspiratie
November 23, 2012   pourlascience-logo   Le changement, c'est l'ocytocine
November 20, 2012   pandodaily-logo   This is your brain on coupons
November 20, 2012   atlantic-wire-logo   Why We Really Love Black Friday, According to Science
November 19, 2012   HeraldOnline and Claremont Graduate University Study Reveals Coupons Make You Happier and More Relaxed
November 15, 2012   morgenbladet-logo   Hormonet for alt godt
November 14, 2012   cbs-news-logo   Hormone oxytocin may keep men monogamous, study suggests
November 14, 2012   daily-sundial-logo   Dr. Love lectures on oxytocin at CSUN
November 14, 2012   red-orbit-logo   Hormone Helps Keep Married Men Away From Unknown Attractive Woman
November 14, 2012   theweek-logo   Can the 'love hormone' oxytocin keep men from cheating?
November 14, 2012   latimes-logo   Why Petraeus strayed -- and it's not what you think
November 14, 2012   chicago-tribune-logo   Hormone may help protect monogamous relationships
November 14, 2012   heraldnet-logo   Hormone may aid monogamy
November 14, 2012   sunSentinel-logo   Hormone may help protect monogamous relationships
November 14, 2012   stars_and_stripes-logo   Hormone may help protect monogamous relationships
November 14, 2012   thestar_logo   Hormone oxytocin may help protect monogamous relationships: Study
November 14, 2012   latimes-logo   Hormone may help protect monogamous relationships
November 9, 2012   united-church-observer   Decoding our good side
November 9, 2012   new-scientist   Homo virtuous: The evolution of good and evil
November 7, 2012   Greatist-logo   How to Stop Procrastinating
October 17, 2012   Bright3_logo   The Force of empathy in storytelling
October 17, 2012   huff-post   The Case for Love: An Equation for World Peace
October 14, 2012   El_Manana_Logo   La hormona de la felicidad
September 27, 2012   TheEconomicTimes-logo   Hug the World
September 24, 2012   huff-post   Can Political Preferences Be Changed?
September 19, 2012   FastCoLogo   Giving Your Brand Primal Power Through Storytelling
September 17, 2012   redOrbit-blogs-logo   Do Manners Still Matter In This Digital Age?
September 15, 2012   MailOnline   Happy hormone: Why it really is good to hug
July 3, 2012   e-international-relations-logo   The Moral Molecule and International Relations
June 27, 2012   boston-globe-logo   For restaurant's staff, culture is on the menu
June 26, 2012   bigthinklogo-100   Oxytocin: The Key to a Good Virtual Office?
June 25, 2012   nyt-logo   Will Oxytocin Keep the Virtual Office Humming?
June 2012   master-mediator-institute   Exploring the Role of Oxytocin in Mediation
June 11, 2012   npr-logo-100   The Psychology Of The Honor System At The Farm Stand
June 11, 2012   north-country-public-radio-logo   The Psychology Of The Honor System At The Farm Stand
June 7, 2012   DruckerExchange-logo   What Butt-Frozen Penguins Have to Teach Us About Business
June 3, 2012   sunday-times   Extracting the secret of the hug hormone at a vampire wedding
June 3, 2012   usnews   Brain's response to a caress appears less objective than previously thought
May 23, 2012   now-magazine-logo   Do-gooders last longer: Greed sucks morally, but it might also wreck your health
May 15, 2012   us-news   Oxytocin, the 'Trust Hormone,' Could Become New Interrogation Tool
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April 27, 2012   wsj   Excerpt from The Moral Molecule by Paul J. Zak
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February 27, 2012   publishers-weekly-logo   Early review of The Moral Molecule
February 24, 2012   conversation-logo   Ain't no 'T' in teamwork, fool: testosterone makes us bad collaborators
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February 15, 2012   PR_Newswire_-_logo   "A World Without Love is a Deadly Place": TED Celebrates Valentine's Day by Launching TED Quotes on
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February 10, 2012   glendale-news-press-logo   Small Wonders: Morality just a matter of chemistry?
February 8, 2012   chief-executive   In Turbulent Times Women May Prove to Be Better Leaders Than Men
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February 5, 2012   medpage-today-logo   Lab Notes: Wall Street Success Genetic
February 5, 2012   burbank-leader-logo   Small Wonders: Morality just a matter of chemistry?
February 4, 2012   vancouver-sun-logo   An advocate for supremacy of the brain
February 4, 2012   wsj   The Wall Street Gene: What makes a top trader? Researchers point to dopamine
January 29, 2012   wallstreetrun-logo   New research suggests link between genetics, Wall Street success
January 28, 2012   the-sun-logo   New research suggests link between genetics, Wall Street success
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January 12, 2012   MailOnline   'Cuddle hormone' which makes mothers kinder could help treat autism
January 11, 2012   abcnews_logo_v2   A Love Drug? Oxytocin Hormone Makes Mothers Kinder
January 10, 2012   YahooLogo   A Love Drug? Oxytocin Hormone Makes Mothers Kinder
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December 27, 2012   cnn-logo   Can a molecule make us moral?
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December 20, 2011   sabado-logo  

Como o seu cérebro decide poupar… ou não

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December 8, 2011   sci-am-logo   Are Psychopaths "Brain Damaged"?
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July 18, 2011   fast-co   Digital Oxytocin: How Trust Keeps Facebook, Twitter Humming
July 18, 2011   nature_com   A barrage of ideas at TED, from the power of hugs to atheism 2.0
July 17, 2011   cnn_logo   Malcolm Gladwell: When technology fails
July 16, 2011   guardian_logo100   TED Global: Brilliant babies, electric grannies and bankers behaving badly
July 15, 2011   ted-logo100   Photo of the day: Paul Zak sprays the stage with oxytocin
July 14, 2011   cnnmoney-logo   Find advice you can trust
July 7, 2011   newscientist_logo-100   Are wide-faced men rascals?
July 4, 2011   christianpost_logo   Fourth of July: America the 'Greatest Nation in the World'
June 17, 2011   YahooLogo   Sex, Empathy and the GDP
June 16, 2011   TheChronicle-logo   Rule Breaker: When it comes to morality, the philosopher Patricia Churchland refuses to stand on principle
June 08, 2011   examiner-logo   What's love got to do with it? (Customer service that is.)
May 19, 2011   la-weekly-100   Paul Zak: How Do You Medulla?
May 14, 2011   world_vision_logo   May/June Newsletter: Empathy
May 2, 2011   nytimes   Hearts Beat as One in a Daring Ritual
May 2, 2011   Sleights-of-Mind   Dr. Zak discusses why we get deceived
May 2, 2011   mehr-news-logo   Moral Markets in Iran
April 19, 2011   sync_logo   Does Facebook feel like cuddling to you?
April 8, 2011   guardian-co-logo   The Templeton Foundation is not an enemy of science
March 11, 2011   plastic-fantastic   Plastic Fantastic
March 10, 2011   the-daily-logo   The Cuddle Chemical: Hormone in a nasal spray might work behavioral miracles on problem kids
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February 25, 2011   singular-city_logo100   What's Love Got to Do with It?
February 14, 2011   container-store   We Love Our Employees Day!
February 14, 2011  


  The Container Store Cheers Office Romance, Love This Valentine's Day
February 11, 2011   forbes_logo_100   Why We Need to Meet in Person
February 11, 2011   YahooLogo   Love Drug? Oxytocin's Tender Effects Questioned
February 11, 2011   livescience-logo   Love Drug? Oxytocin's Tender Effects Questioned
February 03, 2011  



Oxytocin to strengthen the family (Finnish)

January, 2011   dana-foundation-logo   Unraveling the Mystery of Why We Give, or Don't
January 18, 2011  


  Social media lovers involved in actual life: Research group doesn't see geeky loners
January 7, 2011  


  L.A. mindwalks are meetings for the social and socially conscious
December 26, 2010   orangerevolution  


The Orange Revolution: How One Great Team Can Transform an Entire Organization

December 2, 2010  



Trust and growth

November 20, 2010   flamelogo-100  

Our neurological trust fund

November 19, 2010   demodirt-logo  

Open Heart, Open Wallet

November 17, 2010  


  The key to a woman's happiness? Oxytocin
November 17, 2010  



Hormone spray makes people donate more to charity

November 16, 2010  


  The Dawn of the Social Consumer
November 16, 2010   brainfactor-logo  

Oxytocin, more than just love hormone

November 16, 2010   indianexpress-logo   'Cuddle hormone' influences sensitivity to advertising
November 16, 2010   webmd-logo  

Oxytocin More Than Mere 'Love Hormone'

November 16, 2010  


  Research Expands on Effects of Oxytocin; No Longer Just the 'Cuddle Hormone'
November 16, 2010  



'Cuddle Hormone' Influences Sensitivity To Advertising

November 16, 2010  


  Oxytocin increases sensitivity to ads: Study
November 16, 2010   sciencedaily   Oxytocin Increases Advertising's Influence: Hormone Heightened Sensitivity to Public Service Announcements
November 16, 2010  


  Scientist Figures Out What Makes Women Happy: Oxytocin
November 16, 2010  



Hormone increases advertising influence

November 16, 2010   gpbnews_logo   What Do Women Really Want? Oxytocin
November 16, 2010  



Freakonomics: Exploring the Trust-Prosperity Link

November 16, 2010  


  Oxytocin More Than Mere 'Love Hormone'
November 16, 2010  



Studies expand oxytocin's role beyond 'cuddle hormone'

November 16, 2010  


  Studies expand oxytocin's role beyond 'cuddle hormone'
November 16, 2010  


  Oxytocin increases advertising's influence: Hormone heightened sensitivity to public service announcements
November 16, 2010   newser_logo   What Women Want: Oxytocin
November 16, 2010   india-talkies-logo   'Cuddle hormone' influences sensitivity to advertising
November 16, 2010   sciencedaily   Trust Hormone Associated With Happiness: Human Study Suggests New Role for Oxytocin
November 16, 2010   oneindia-logo   'Cuddle hormone' influences sensitivity to advertising
November 16, 2010  


  Studies expand oxytocin's role beyond 'cuddle hormone'
November 16, 2010   village-voice-logo   Female Happiness Now Going for $24 a Pop
November 16, 2010   nhpr-logo   What Do Women Really Want? Oxytocin
November 15, 2010   npr-logo-100   What Do Women Really Want? Oxytocin
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Mar 16, 2010   mysa-logo   Emerging field offers insight into human virtues
Mar 15, 2010   mysa-logo   Humans release 'niceness' chemical
Feb 13, 2010   new-scientist   My Big Fat Geek Wedding - Tears, Joy, and Oxytocin
Feb 11, 2010     Weddings help families bond so they will assist in raising the children
Feb 11, 2010     Research finds rise in cuddle hormone during wedding ceremony
Feb 10, 2010     She Turned Her Wedding Into a Biology Experiment
Jan, 2010   rotman   Rotman - Magazine of the Rotman School of Management
Dec 20, 2009   wsj   A Habit of Generosity
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Nov 16, 2009     Socially Awkward? Check your genes
Book 2009     Predictably Rational
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Oct 30, 2009   smartmoney-logo   Financial Bubbles: Why Do Fools Fall in Love?
Oct 26, 2009   new-scientist   High testosterone linked to miserly behavior
Oct 21, 2009   laboratory-equipment   Testosterone Makes Men Stingy
Book 2009     Viral Loop
Oct 13, 2009     Thai newspaper mentioning Paul Zak as one of the leading economists in neuroeconomics
Oct 11, 2009     What's with all the hugging?
Sept 16, 2009     4 Dumb Financial Moves in the Recession
Aug 26, 2009     What Ever Happened To The Work Ethic?
July, 2009     In Us We Trust
Book 2009     The Neuro Revolution
June 14, 2009     In war, reality wants to imitate fiction (Portuguese)
June 7, 2009     Snog. Canoodle. Get It On.
June 2009     Rethinking Trust
May 31, 2009     If you accept evolution you must oppose over-regulation of the economy
May 20, 2009   new-scientist   Harnessing Science to Create the Ultimate Warrior
May 18, 2009     Study Urges Using Neuroscience To Improve Soldiers' Performance
Apr 10, 2009     Neurobiology of Trust
Apr 4, 2009   discoverlogo   A Dose of Human Kindness, Now in Chemical Form
Mar 27, 2009   spektrum   The Neurobiology of Trust
Mar 18, 2009   john-templeton   What Would John Templeton Say?
Feb. 25, 2009     Little Things that Make You Feel Rich
Feb. 2009     Are Markets Moral
Jan. 19, 2009     'Born to Be Good' By DACHER KELTNER
Jan. 07, 2009   xxl   Professor Zak's research is discussed in a Russian magazine
Jan. 01, 2009     Neuroeconomics pioneer Paul Zak explains the behaviors that led to our economic crisis.
Book, 2008   rock-paper-scissors-game-theory-in-everyday-life   Rock, Paper, Scissors- Game Theory in Everyday Life
Dec. 22, 2008     Financial Frauds Explained
Dec. 02, 2008     Hormones: Learning the rules of attraction
Nov. 05, 2008     Scientific American Letters on Trust or Generosity
October, 2008   sci-am-japan   Scientific American Japan - The Neurobiology of Trust
Oct. 11, 2008     Exposing The Myth Homo Economicus
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