C. Mónica Capra

Professor Capra is a social naturalist interested in utilizing novel tools to better understand and predict economic behavior in the lab and in the field. She initiated cross-disciplinary collaborations with neuroscientists at Emory University in 2004, where she taught before joining CGU. Professor Capra is a native of Bolivia. She got her IBD from the prestigious United World Colleges of the Pacific in British Columbia Canada, her bachelors degree from Franklin and Marshall College (cum laude), and her PhD in Economics from the University of Virginia. Capra has notable contributions in behavioral game theory, including the explicit modeling of introspection with error and the study of the effects of mood and emotions in games and markets. Her contributions to behavioral economic applications include: investigating the role of personality on risk preferences and choices of adolescents, women, and entrepreneurs. Finally, her interdisciplinary collaborations with neuroscientists have rendered important contributions in the areas of behavioral finance and moral decision-making.